Andrew McQuilkin, FRDI

Retail Leader, BHDP Architecture

For over 30 years, Andrew has served in key design leadership roles in the retail industry. As Retail Market Leader, he is responsible for leading the retail design and architecture team’s expertise in branding, store planning, interior design, merchandising, building architecture and rollout for retail clients.

Andrew has extensive knowledge and background in the design and implementation of department stores, vendor shops, specialty stores, large format, and discount stores with award-winning retail designs.



7:00 AM – 8:30 AM

Making Sense of Your Brand Experience

For the customer, brand experiences are about being engaged at every omnichannel touchpoint. Marketing and merchandising teams are challenged to deliver their brand promise by aligning the right message at the right time with the right customer segment, while using the proper channel.


Experiences that build loyalty are defined by the sum-total of the memory (and feelings) about each and every interchange. By leveraging all the senses, brick and mortar retailers have the advantage of building deeper, longer-lasting, multi-layered, loyalty building memories with their customers.


As a team, we will explore which retailers are the most beloved by customers and discover their correlation to an immersive sensory experience. We’ll discuss the tried and true retail practices along with the new technologies that are driving customer experience. And we will uncover which senses create the deepest connection and the opportunities to build brand loyalty for your stores.