Christy Largent

Engagement Expert and Professional Speaker

Christy Largent is an engagement expert and professional speaker. She has a diverse background having worked both in the US and internationally.

Christy has a degree in communications and political science from Liberty University and has done extensive research in the fields of personal development, communication skills and mindset. Her first career was as a professional interior designer, and for 14 years she had her own business in Palm Desert, CA, Scottsdale, AZ and Dallas, Texas. She began speaking professionally in 1999 and has focused in the areas of communication and leadership skills with an emphasis on increasing engagement both in work and in life.

Christy works with organizations that want practical skills to increase employee engagement, with a special emphasis on creating a positive, energized culture utilizing her Engaged Employee System. Christy is the co-host of the PBS-TV show, The Forum, has a podcast, Encouraging Words for Working Moms and is the author of the bestselling book, “31 Positive Communication Skills for Women”.

With her real-life stories and infectious laughter audiences lean-in to her presentations – engaged and interactive. Christy speaks for organizations who want practical, real life skills to improve employee engagement, increase productivity and explode profits.



1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Get Engaged! - The Magic that Increases Employee Engagement

How to harness the Power of Mindset to create an Engaged Culture. A culture that engages employees, increases collaboration and maximizes profits.

Program Takeaways:

  • Maximize opportunities by shifting into a positive mindset
  • Overcome obstacles with a targeted plan of action
  • Apply specific techniques to grow an empathetic culture and increase both employees and client satisfaction
  • Strengthened engagement and deepened responsibility by utilizing opportunity discovery tools
  • Encourage gifts and abilities to flourish
  • Your team will leave with the tools they need to begin living with the Opportunity Mindset™ immediately. Your company will reap all the benefits of positive, productive and engaged employees.